Retain Release Rest

Mindfulness practice to release the year and make space for what is to come

Winter practice

Winter is the season of rest and going deep within. This is where the magic is. They say that the deeper the freeze in winter, the sweeter the apples in autum. Like the apple tree we need deep rest and we need to winter to be a time when seeds germinate and dreams are allowed in.

This practice relaxes the body and mind and allows the subconscious to release what has passed. Trust however it plays out for you. The video intro helps you get the most out of the session. When you are ready to dive in make sure you have a quiet space for at least 40 mins and pen and paper to hand.

It’s easy to want to just close the door on the past year and hope that Jan 1st brings a magical fresh start of new habits and opportunities. Alas, often the challenges from last year just follow us into the next and imposing resolutions on ourselves can make for a bleak January.

So I’ve created this gentle and calming practice to harness the magic of this time of year, the time between the years, to reset. Reflect. Retain. Release.

Because this time is fertile, if we intentionally make the space we create rich ground in which to plant new seeds for the year, seeds that come from inside of us not outside, seeds that if we let them germinate through winter and we nurture them in spring make for strong and sustainable growth come summer. 

I invite you to use this time to luxuriate in winter not hide from it. The practice is an audio piece that you’ll want to carve out 40-60 minutes for. I recommend figuring out when is best for you to do it and ensuring you won’t be distracted. In meantime that you can watch this intro chat to feel into the practice.

Angela has such a way of putting people at ease. I usually struggle to get into guided meditations but Angela’s voice and style really calms me and helps me shift my perspective.


Angela is dedicated to truly allowing you to meet yourself, and in turn, your goals. Her approach is nuanced, deep, supportive, and culminated in paradigm shifts I never thought I could reach.