2020 Vision Part Two

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a river of joy.


In this workshop you are going to connect with your soul desires to create a pathway for your life. Like Rumi said, when your actions are soul aligned there is a river of joy. Rivers carve their own path and you can carve yours in your own unique way. You will:

  • Envision what your best-lived-life would look like long term. Enjoy the dreamy meditation and trust the intuition that comes up.
  • Break down that vision into milestones that work back to today.
  • Plan the first season of 2020 with fun achievable steps that are soul aligned.
  • Have the opportunity to clarify your plan and get in personal coaching in one of the free sessions I’m offering in January for 2020 Vision-ers.

Welcome to part two. The audios are a combination of guided visualisations and questions. You’ll want to have your paper and pen ready but firstly simply listen with your eyes closed, follow the instructions and let your intuition speak.

Guided meditation to connect with your elder self

Take your time writing everything you got from the visualisation. When you are ready to move on, drop back into slow mindful breathing and listen with your eyes closed to next visualisation.

Guided meditation to connect you with your 10 year’s time self

Write everything you need to remember from your life in 10 year’s time. When you feel complete move on to the next stage.

Connect with self in 5 year’s time

Note down all the information and milestones of this period of your dream life. It’s powerful to work through it in this way, keep going.

Connect to self in 2.5 year’s time

Next we look at how 2020 will play out on your path to your most soulful, best life. Listen to the audio to tune into everything the coming year will hold and what life will look like at the end of 2020.

Visualise the end of 2020

Well done, you have a vision for the year to come that is based in heart centred desires. Next, plan the actions you need to make that happen.

What does the first season of 2020 look like?

You made it. You’ve been back in time in part one. You’ve been to the future in part two and here you are today. You know where you’ve been and you know where you are headed. You know the first steps you need to take. Feeling confident? You should be, you have everything you need internally. Finding the external support you need can be included in your action steps. Truly you only ever need the next few steps in sight and the greater vision on the horizon. Each step takes you there and now you get to enjoy the season you are in.

I wish you all the very best for 2020, if you have questions or feedback I’d delighted to hear from you angela@angeladavenport.com

Ready for more?

  • How would it feel to have a guide along side you?
  • How would it feel to be even clearer in your vision?
  • To feel more confident that you can create the life you’ve imagined at your own pace?

I’m offering a limited number of free personal coaching sessions in January to help you get the most from your 2020 vision.

If you’d like to add juice, detail and dedication to your 2020 Vision and plan then fill out the form to apply.

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