2020 Vision

I’m really excited to share part one of this workshop. It’s been crafted to allow you to harvest all that is good from 2019 and release everything you no longer need to create space for rest, space for dreams to be born into.

Intro to 2020 VISION workshop part one

Gather what you need and get started

  • Prompt. It could be a diary, calendar, photo stream or social media feed.
  • Paper lose sheets or paper you can tear from a note book.
  • Pen
  • Dedicated time without disturbances
  • At least 2 hours (give yourself the gift of time)
  • Comfortable space
  • Good snacks (optional)
  • NB you can do it in sections if you don’t have large chunks of time.

2020 VISION workshop part one

Get stuck into the workshop and enjoying reviewing and reflecting on the year that has passed. You will gain insights and key learnings that you can take forward. You will also create space so that your whole being knows that it’s ok to STOP. You don’t need to do any more, you can REST – it’s what the festive period is supposed to be for!

If you’d prefer to work through then notes than watch the videos then here they are.

2020 VISION part one completion

A workshop wouldn’t be the same without some take aways and a burning ritual! I do love a fire and little ceremony to complete. Don’t skip this bit, it’s where the magic is. Enjoy!

Got a question or a reflection you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear from you. Use the form or get in touch with angela@angeladavenport.com

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