What I see in COVID-19

Plans you’ve been working on for a long time may be crumbling around you, fears may be rising up about loved ones and livehoods. It’s natural. And yet it’s not the only thing happening. What we pay attention to grows so here are a handful of things that I am noticing. What do you see in the world you as COVID-19 impacts our lives? Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

Communities have risen up. My mum is in a whatsapp group with all the neighbours and she feels connected and cared for. Able people are looking for ways to help the less able.

People are being kinder to each other when they pass in the street. There is shared understanding.

Anxious people are realising their inner strength. As they witness others go into overwhelm, clients of mine are realising how strong they are for having dealt with this for so long. Brava to the anxiety sufferers and sensitive people.

Earth is having a chance to regenerate. The earth is inherently sustainable if she is given the chance to catch her breath. See her once dirty waters run clear. Hear her birds sing without the noise of the city. Breathe clean air on your permitted walks and marvel at the before and after Corona images of earth from space. Be out in spring and notice the buds unfurl every day on the magnolia tree on your street. This.

We too are being given the chance to catch our breath. Instead of the constant rush, many now have time to do the things they have always said they wanted to do. To paint, to plant, to learn the guitar, to cook from scratch, to play. To retreat. To be on retreat and reflect. This is deeply valuable.

We are given the chance to step up. New leaders are emerging in communities. New voices are leading the response in their workplaces when business is no longer as usual. More is coming from those leading the way in navigating the emotional distress.

We are not emitting so much and we are not consuming so much. We are not driving, flying and sailing. We are not buying as many clothes or non essentials. Might these new behaviours show us the way to address the climate emergency?

We are valuing nature around us. When we are in self isolation and the inevitable lockdown, we recognise the nearest green spaces as the sanctuary they truly are. That you to the National Trust for opening up its parks and spaces to all for free, although the houses and cafes are closed. Might we learn to truly connect to our lands and water ways?

Creativity has been unleashed, the poems, the funny memes, the spontaneous games of bingo in Naples. Fr Richard Hendrick’s poem Lockdown is particularly beautiful. The businesses that are pivoting. The parents becoming teachers. We are finding new and creatives ways to adapt.

We’re reminded of how lucky we are! Our grandparents were asked to go to war, we are merely asked to stay in our warm homes, watch Netflix, wash our hands and not go insane in our own company.

We are valuing the NHS. We are acknowledging and honouring those who work there. Could the conservatives still try and sell her off after this?

We are acknowledging all the “unskilled” workers because when it comes down to it, theirs are the jobs that matter. Thank you to those cleaning and stacking shelves, delivering goods and supplying us all with what you need right now.

I see more of what I already loved. I see how much school means to my child and me now it’s closing. I see how special the school community is now we are all facing this challenge and I know the support is there. I feel deeply the love and care I have for my family.

I could go on, and I will, COVID-19 will open my eyes to new things every day if I choose to see them. What do you see around you that touches your heart? I’d love to know…

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