Feeling Your Heart During This Time

Image rights Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

I write this as the protests continue in America and across the world. Here in the UK, across Europe, Africa and Australia. Basically in the places that were colonised or did the colonising. The power dynamics of our world are on view for all to see if we choose to see. My heart feels heavy and strong. I feel clearer and more powerful in heart and my voice, and sadder. The sadness being felt at a greater depth. I’ve cried multiple times today thinking of Breonna Taylor. I’ve cried recently thinking of my ancestors who were oppressed and starved by the British crown and government’s armed forces and the legacy it left in my life experience.

How and why my heart breaks is my work to feel and express. Feeling and expressing it helps my heart open to more in this life. When what is mine to feel has space and loving attention in which to be felt, it nourishes me and connects me to a greater sense of who I am. When I allow my heart to feel deeply, I connect more deeply to what and who I love. This is joyful and nourishing and allows me to act with clarity.

How your heart feels is yours to explore. There is no right or wrong way for it to feel. Many of us were taught not to connect to our hearts or were overridden when we did. Wherever you are on your journey with connection to the power centre of your being that is your heart, I invite you to explore your own heart in this meditation practice.

Heart connection meditation

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