Sit with me

The breath is a gift and one that keeps giving! I never regret taking time to sit and breathe, it calms me, grounds me, restores me, renews me. So I invite you to sit with me and breathe, that’s it.

The cycle of the breath is the same cycle of all life. We start with emptiness, stillness and then we begin to grow, the body expands as it takes in what it needs. Receiving. We receive and grow until we are full, then we let go, we release, release, the sweet pleasure of releasing what we no longer need. And then, emptiness, stillness and the cycle continues.

Every breath is the chance to renew ourselves. Every breath.

But so often we hold our breath as we rush through life, just get this thing done, just get through this thing. Do you ever notice that you are holding your breath as you email, as you drive, as you push through.

Breathing into life, feeling all of it offers so much more. It connects us to all our capacities rather than shutting them down in “fight or flight”.

So here’s to you and to this breath. Enjoy x

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