New Year, More You, please.

When my daughter was younger and I put her to bed, I used wish for her to sleep well and be even more Mary tomorrow; that she’d grow into herself even more, in to her expression, her talents, her voice, her joys. Anyone who knows her will testify that she is one very self-confident and expressive young person (some might even wish she was a little less “Mary” but I don’t). The world needs more people unafraid to be who they are, to express and follow their desires (it doesn’t mean you’ll be selfish or unkind but denying yourself can definitely lead to these behaviours).

My wish for us all is to be more of who we truly are.

My wish for YOU in 2023 is that you are even more you, more true to yourself, more clear on what you want, what you don’t want, on what you want to say do and be in the world – and how to have it ALL.

How else do you want enjoy this one life?

The practice below is a way to connect to all of that.

It’s a guided visualisation that connects you to your true potential, to how your year can get better and better – and what you need to know to do it. I invite you to release current expectations of what you might achieve and see what emerges from this process.

First though, a little something to prepare. Spend some time scanning back across 2022 – the highs, the lows, the wins, the losses, the joys, the sadnesses. The days you felt in fully flow, the days you felt overwhelmed and stuck. Write out a bullet point list of all the “good” and “bad”; all your significant experiences and all that you learnt.

If we don’t spend time releasing them we carry the baggage with us so this is an important part of the process. We need to receive what is good and useful from our experiences and then release the rest. This makes space for the new, otherwise we repeat the experiences in new forms until we learn the lessons (every had that happen?). I shared some extra journalling prompts in this instagram post.

Decide when you’ll do the process and carve out some quiet time and space. Give yourself an hour. The more special you can make it the better so a nicely laid out space and a candle, or somewhere in nature is ideal. Have your journal ready for the insight and ideas at the end.

Enjoy. I’d love to hear what deepest longings are for 2023!! Feel free to message me

Discover your highest potential in 2023

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