The gentle truth about real success

When you are considering coaching it’s typically for one of two reasons. You either feel lost and want to move forwards in life but can’t see how, or you have a goal and a vision for your life but don’t feel able to fully move towards it. Either way it’s a sense of being stuck and held back. Through coaching (and mindful self-compassion) we dig into what you want and long for uncover what is keeping you stuck. Underneath the stuckness, we inevitably find a version of “I’m not good enough”.  A voice that says I’m not “something” enough to have the life I want. 

When a baby is born we celebrate that they are perfect and marvel at them just as they are. As they grow, the fear of fitting in creeps in for the adults around them, and the little one is told to tone down parts of who they are. 

We were all given this message on some level, from parents, schools, friends, media; well-meaning people wanted us to fit in but in doing so they often chipped away at our uniqueness. Our flaws felt shamed and started to hide in the shadows. Our brilliance felt wronged and we down turned the volume on what makes us shine, fearing it wasn’t fully right. We cultivated ways of being we thought would gain approval and learnt to play a role that wasn’t truly you. It’s deeply sad to me that this happens so often, no matter how subtle. Furthermore it’s tragic because so often the causes were well-intentioned. 

The good news is it can change and the joyful news is, it’s supposed to change. Nature created this wonderful myriad of humans, we’re supposed to be wildly different whilst being deeply connected and fundamentally the same. 

To really succeed and shine in life you need to embrace your uniqueness, your flaws, your brilliance, your way of learning, of expressing, your way of being in the world. And in doing so you become: 

  • Kinder to others and how they experience the world 
  • More attractive – as you enjoy being who you are, others enjoy being around you
  • Naturally confident because you appreciate what you can do
  • Available for success because you are aligned with the right opportunities for you
  • More curious and in love with life
  • More grateful for what you have
  • Happier 

Self-acceptance, self-love, self-trust aren’t easy in our culture of comparison and striving. There are messages all around that tell us we’ll be happier when we have/ do/ be this certain thing. So remembering that who you are is enough and celebrating who you are is a daily practice. Daily steps that lead to the happiness and success you crave. Every day returning to the truth that you are everything you need to be in this moment. You will grow and learn of course – you’re alive – but you are perfect just as you are. Uniquely, brilliantly you. 

If you are interested in unravelling more of this in a safe and loving space then consider some one to one sessions. I use coaching and mindful self-compassion to open up to all that you, that you desire and that you fear – it’s all part of you and that perfect. Then we use PSYCH-K to embed new beliefs into your subconscious that are more seslf-loving. You can book a consultation here.

With love, Angela

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