Be Loved

We all have stories about love, the type we want, the type we believe we deserve or don’t deserve.

But what if we tell a different story about love, love that has no narrative story, love that can never be earned or deserved. Love that simply is.

Like the love that radiates from a baby’s eyes and ask nothing but to be met and received, or the love that we feel in certain places in nature when it is almost overwhelmingly beautiful and we ask how we got so lucky to be able to experience this moment.

The energy of pure love and appreciation of life is always present and always available. We typically disregard it because we are caught in our stories of not being and doing enough. We run around striving for the next thing and miss the love that is literally in the room. And so on this Valentine’s Day, here is a gift of love for us all. You were born deserving of love and this has never changed. This meditation practice guides you to visualise and receive the energy of love into your body. You are loved because you are.

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