Spring meditation

Every season has a purpose and we need them all. We need each of them for the best growth; for sustainable, fulfulling, deeply rooted, ripe fruit bearing kind of growth, not the quick fix, go after a goal but satisfaction is fleeting and the results don’t last kind of growth.

Spring comes after the dark and cold of winter. The contrast makes the warmth, light and colour of spring all the more pleasing. Contrast often does this, it why we become complacent and take for granted so much of what we have – because we don’t have the contrast of not having it. When I lead a gratitude practice I ask that you think of something in your life that if you didn’t have it you would dearly wish that you did, then suddenly the health and home you have seem wonderful and you can appreciate them, rather than focusing on the lack of what else it is you want. It gets you into the energy of abundance and appreciation rather than lack.

The seasons do this, they give us the chance to appreciate what is and enjoy each stage of the process. It’s contrary to modern dominant culture which typically praises only producing (look how busy I am) or consuming (look what cool/beautiful things I have). When we do this to the seasons we value only from late spring to early autumn, we only value the visible signs of growth and the harvesting of the fruits – but that’s only half the story of growth.

The truth is that each season is equally crucial in the cycle of growth, of life. Because growth is a series of cycles, it’s not a straight line and that’s as true for an apple tree as it is for you.

Releasing the leaves in AUTUMN, fruits harvested or withering, life drawing down ALLOWS the stillness of WINTER, the calm, minimal outward activity and lots of internal activity. This is the fertile space for dreams to planted like seeds and it ALLOWS life to come forth in SPRING, no rush, no force, just gentle, graceful unfurling and opening which ALLOWS for the strength to come through in SUMMER and become abundant blossoming, when the light and heat invite more outward activity, long full days, vibrant activity which ALLOWS for the winding down again in AUTUMN, harvesting of the fruits, releasing the growth that is no longer needed and preparing to bed in for winter. Each season when fully embraced allows for the next.

Whatever it is you want to create in your life it might take a couple of full rounds of the growth cycle to see the results you desire but what is true is this, it takes all the seasons of the cycle.

And so to the practice, this is a meditation and visualisation that I recorded in the woods not far from my home. It taps into spring in the earth at this time, in your body and your life. We can use the energy of spring to encourage new growth, to bring forth the seeds we’ve planted. I invite you to think of something that you want to grow strong in your life (a relationship, your health, career, spiritual development) something that you have planted the seed of and can see it has some tiny shoots starting to grow. You might also want to have something to write on so you can make notes afterwards.

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