Foundations of feeling good

The wellbeing spectrum goes from surviving to thriving. When you are in your version of survival you are likely repeating old patterns that once upon a time kept you safe, protecting yourself from your worst fear: the withdrawal of love, approval and connection. When you are thriving you trust that you are loved and approved of and it’s joyful and easy(ish?!) to show up fully as yourself in all realms and enjoy who you are, exactly as you are.

Sounds great, right?

Except feeling good isn’t always easy.

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm are pretty abundant in our busy and pressured lives – and they do not feel like thriving (although sometimes they pretend to be in the form of outward productivity). As a coach I help people create what they want in their lives but unless you are feeling good about yourself (guilt-free, stress-free about what you want to create) then taking the steps necessary can be filled with resistance. Typically in client sessions we do some work to release those blocks of resistance.

I remember once speaking with a business owner who said to me “sure I experience constant mild anxiety – but doesn’t everyone?” It’s seen as the norm to be hovering around the survival end of the spectrum and occasionally (you know, holidays and the odd weekend) find yourself thriving. But what if – seriously, what if – it could be different? What if thriving was the norm? Feeling good, inspired, grateful, energised. Imagine what you could create with your one precious life? Imagine what we could all create together? I know, I sound like a life coach right now, and I’m a northerner so unfettered excitement and hope is out of my comfort zone too, but I really think we could all live better, happier, healthier lives if we sorted some of this sh*t out. Do you fancy it?

Would you like to hang out more often in in thriving and less in surviving? In this video I share what I have come to see as the foundations of releasing the blocks and opening up to feeling good. It’s not an exhaustive list of course but it’s a pretty solid starting place. So if you are interested in feeling better about yourself I offer some insight into them as a starting point of reclaiming your joy and power in the world.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to know more about in particular.

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