It’s less about HOW you make it happen and more about how you FEEL about what you want

If you’ve ever tried to change something in your life, like new habits for fitness or changing career then you’ll know how much value is placed on will power and action when you look at the advice that’s out there. Sure, discipline and commitment are factors but focusing on what you should do and “just doing it” are short term methods. To have the deep and lasting change it’s more important to work on how you feel that allows you to take the steps necessary.

When you feel good about yourself and your life it’s so much easier to do the things that you’ve set out to do – and don’t you want it to feel good as you do the things? Working out at the gym is a different experience when you feel good in you body as it is compared to when you are dragging yourself there because you “should”.

This blog is a follow up to a video/musings I recorded after some client sessions last week. What I see time and again is that it’s when a person is emotionally and energetically ready then the actions come with more ease and more consistency. Maybe this sounds wishy washy to you? Or like more work? You may well notice resistance to this idea so I invite you to open to the possibility that there is something here for you and just see what it might be. One small shift of perspective can open up so much possibility.

I view our mental and energetic wellbeing as a spectrum that we can move up and down. The higher up the spectrum you are, when you are thriving, the easier it is to do what is most pleasing and helpful to you – it becomes a virtuous circle as opposed to the vicious one that drags you down. But how do we move up the spectrum and out of the vicious cycle of thinking and into the good vibes cycle?

Over the years of working with clients I find myself teaching on the same topics in sessions so I’ve identified 3 foundations to mastering yourself and being on the higher end of the spectrum more often. I recorded this video in 2 parts, this is the intro. I outline the 3 foundations in detail in the second part of the video which you can find here

The wellbeing spectrum goes from surviving to thriving and we all move up and down it in life. There are ways you can cultivate more thriving – if you are ready to work on this in your own life you might want to book a consultation to see if one to one work is right for you

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