Release overwhelm. Reframe anxiety.

Welcome feeling calm, energised and quietly confident

Do you have multiple things you want to work on: Your work in the world? Your mind, body? Your relationships?

Do you find that it’s hard to keep on top of them all and gain any real momentum?

It can feel frustrating, especially if you give your all to work for others (the company/client/loved ones) but struggle to stay motivated when it’s something for you. It’s exhausting and there always seems to be more to do. There is another way…

Time to gently gather yourself.

The 7am club is a monthly group to help you cultivate your own feel good practices that create a supportive rhythm for your health and wellbeing and harness the power of your days. It consists of some live and some pre recorded work. You’ll be amazed what you can create in a year when you step into flow and take it day by day.

The 7am club is about feeling good every day, starting the day soothed and grounded and focusing on small wins that enable you to grow gradually and mindfully.

  • Do you:
  • Want to feel good in your mind, body and soul
  • Want work to feel less like a list of chores and pressure
  • Want a morning routine that you enjoy sticking to
  • Want to enjoy satisfying, restful evenings and good sleep
  • Have had personal development breakthroughs but haven’t embedded them in day to day life
  • Know what you need to do but aren’t doing it consistently
  • Have learnt that willpower isn’t the way for you
  • Care deeply for others and want to show the same care to yourself

Here’s how it works

  • Coaching workshop to identify priorities and best self-care practices
  • Live meditation Mon-Fri at 7am – you can stay 15 or 30 minutes
  • Evenings 2 live guided sessions per week
  • Recordings of guided evening sessions available
  • PDF or google doc for evening reflection and planning system
  • Recorded meditations for sleep

Mindful planning by night, meditation and mindset work by morning; calm, capable, energised you by day.

May 7am club

Weave yourself a rhythm of small rituals that create big changes over time. Join us in May. 4 weeks of live sessions. We begin live Tuesday 4th May after the bank holiday.


Curious… fancy being in the 7am club but not quite sure? Maybe you want to do more mindfulness but you’re not 5 days a week ready. Maybe live at 7am isn’t possible at the moment. Or you’re just not sure if this is the right group for you. Well, if you’d like you can have access to a week of morning meditations and a mini workshop on the reflection practice. It’s free and I hope it helps you create a bit more rhythm, calm and potency in your life.

Want to know what happens on the live sessions?

The morning session. It’s a quiet gentle start to your day, some people are still waking up so we go slowly and quietly. Cameras are off, music is gently playing, a few hellos in the chat. I guide you in a mindfulness practise to connect to your body and the place of calm within. You slow down the thinking, gain some perspective, build your mindfulness muscle. The practise finishes at 7:15 and some people leave to go and begin their day. Most stay and we continue with a journaling or planning practise to connect you to your inner voice and your intentions for the day. It’s all gentle and nurturing and eases you in to the day. Our intention is to improve our wellbeing and our fulfilment by a small percentage every day. Incremental mind, body and soul gains. We finish around 7:25 am and after a little chat you are done by 7:30.

The evening session. There’s a bit of teaching around the value of an evening reflection practise to deepen your understanding of the process which is like coaching yourself into greater self awareness and confidence. I guide you through the reflection process itself and you can feedback on some of your answers and get live coaching on them for deeper awareness and new perspectives around what else you could do. It’s a group session so others will share and we learn from each other. You don’t have to share. We close with a short mindfulness practise to release the day and let your whole mind body and soul know your work day is done, you’ve done enough, you are free to rest and relax. You enjoy your evening and sleep deeply.

Thank you so much for organising the 7AM club and making every day engaging, fresh and relevant. I’ve loved the 7AM club, it has made me go to bed a bit earlier and get up a bit earlier and I’ve found a good balance with morning meditation and evening journalling. 

Paul Stephen, 7am club member

I have loved every 7am session to the point I actually look forward to it, you have a wonderfully calming nature about you and you just make me feel so at ease, and loved? I’m really grateful to you for holding that space for us, I think it’s really sacred.

Laura Sylvester, 7am club member

Angela is an incredible meditation guide. She’s so intuitive with each participant and caters to what they need in each session. She has a beautiful way of making everyone feel comfortable and open to share their experience without any pressure. She’s incredibly friendly, open supportive and professional and I’d recommend her highly to anyone whether they are a beginner or someone looking to deepen their practice.”

Rachel Bowen, European Programme Manager, Mune