Soulful. Focused. Satisfied. Everyday.

The 7 o’clock club itself is helping me make meditating part of my morning routine. I’ve tried other guided meditations and I’m turned off by either the sound of their voice or their candor. Angela has a calm soothing voice and the meditations have the right amount of guidance and space that works for me. And the nightly reflection helps release the day and unwind for the rest of the night, helps me make my personal development a priority, helps me see what I did well and what needs more attention on a daily basis. I’m able to make small adjustments the following day because of it. ”

Carlo Reyes, 7 o’clock club member

The meditation has me starting my day feeling really positive about what’s to come. I just enjoy waking up and reconnecting with my mind and energy. Last month was great at getting me to look at the way I was spending my time in the evenings and having more purpose. I got into a really great place spiritually, framing my days with the meditation and journaling. I excited to feel that continue.

Georgia Bowen, 7 o’clock club member

I have loved every 7am session to the point I actually look forward to it, you have a wonderfully calming nature about you and you just make me feel so at ease, and loved? I’m really grateful to you for holding that space for us, I think it’s really sacred.

Laura Sylvester, 7 o’clock club member

Multiple priorities that matter to you: work, family, mind, body, relationships.

How do you keep the plates spinning without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and wanting to just crash out in the evenings?

Can you imagine prioritising your needs every day and meeting the demands of work and family life with room for joy, rest and play?

Trusting yourself, feeling focused, clear and compassionate.

Opening up to more of what you want in life, opening to more of who you are.

The 7 o’clock club is a monthly group to help you make the most out of each day.

Beginning and ending your day well is crucial. Many of us understand the benefits of a good morning routine but struggle to implement it.

When you add in an evening routine of reflection and planning you really start to harness the power of your days.

You’ll be amazed what you can create in a year when you step into flow and live day by day.

The 7 o’clock club is about feeling good every day, starting the day soothed and grounded and focusing on small wins that enable you to grow gradually and mindfully.

Do you want:

  • to feel good in your mind, body and soul
  • work to feel less like a list of chores and pressure
  • a morning routine that you enjoy sticking to
  • to enjoy satisfying, restful evenings and good sleep
  • to develop who you are as a person
  • to consistently do the things that you already know will help you
  • to be able to give yourself the same care as you give to others
Welcome to the 7 O’clock Club with Angela Davenport

What’s included:

  • 4 weeks of practices Mon-Fri
  • Morning routine of mindfulness and journalling
  • Live sessions 7am or recordings in your calendar daily
  • Evening routine of reflection, planning and mindfulness
  • Night time meditations for optimal sleep
  • Coaching workshops on self care and personal goals

A great day starts the night before…

7 O’clock Club July

Create a new routine of small rituals that create big changes. Morning: A mindfulness and journaling session that grounds and lifts you. Evening: Build confidence in yourself, refine and plan for tomorrow. Night: With everything tended to, you are fully prepared for deep rest. Join us on 12th July for 4 weeks.



Does it have to be 7am? The important thing is creating the routine so if a different time is better for you we can set that up in your calendar at the perfect time for you whether that’s 6am, 8am or something else. It will be a recording of the live session and you’ll feel like Angela is speaking to you live.

Do I need to be on camera at 7am? No. Participants don’t need to be on camera in the morning session.

Do I need to have done meditation before? No, it’s suitable for beginners. It’s a guided practise, you won’t be left to clear your mind in silence. The sessions are about building awareness of the activity in your mind and learning to direct your attention. You’ll learn to use your breath to calm your nervous system and slow down thinking.

What happens in the session? The room is open and music plays a few mins before 7am so you can log in as you get settled. Angela welcomes everyone at 7 and you are guided in a practise for 15 minutes. Some people then leave to start their day. Most stay and do some journalling and or intention setting for the day ahead. There’s usually a bit of chat at the end as people sign off and the session is done at 7:25.

Do I need anything before I begin? A cosy spot you’ll enjoy doing the sessions in and a notebook you’ll enjoy writing in. Good internet and headphones might also help.

Thank you so much for organising the sessions and making every day engaging, fresh and relevant. I’ve loved the 7AM club, it has made me go to bed a bit earlier and get up a bit earlier and I’ve found a good balance with morning meditation and evening journalling. 

Paul Stephen, 7 o’clock club member

Angela is an incredible meditation guide. She’s so intuitive with each participant and caters to what they need in each session. She has a beautiful way of making everyone feel comfortable and open to share their experience without any pressure. She’s incredibly friendly, open supportive and professional and I’d recommend her highly to anyone whether they are a beginner or someone looking to deepen their practice.”

Rachel Bowen, European Programme Manager, Mune