Hi, I’m Angela the coach and mindfulness guide behind the blogs and workshops that you’ll find here. I welcome you with an open heart and open mind. If you’re interested in knowing more about me, read on.

I love working one to one, walking alongside a person and seeing them emerge clearer and stronger as they transition to a new and longed-for way of living and working. I also love working with a team in a buzzy creative workplace where individuals can be empowered within a group. So I do both!

High-pressure, client focussed workplaces are an environment I know well. I worked in, and with, numerous creative agencies over a decade or so producing films and communications for the live events industry. Prior to that I worked on film and TV sets in the camera department and also spent two interesting (and intense) years writing storylines for Emmerdale and Coronation Street. I was immersed in the world of creative projects and client-led briefs. And then came coaching.

I’ve been coaching since 2014 when I completed a diploma in professional coaching skills from ICF trainer Coaching Development. Since then I’ve been honing my skills and integrating my CPD learnings (I’m always learning) into my own approach which is how Mindful Coaching evolved. We can apply the lens of mindfulness to any area of our lives and what opens up is a depth of experience that allows us to feel real connection to the life we are living (connection is the greatest longing of humans, whilst isolation is our greatest fear). When we connect mindfully to our experience we get real, real about what feels good and what doesn’t, real about what we truly want. When this starts to happen life lights up in colour and we can carve our own path. That’s what I’ve been doing. It isn’t all joy and ease but it often is and it’s deeply fulfilling and satisfying to live and work mindfully.

My greatest teachers have been: my daughter who constantly schools me in how to ask for what you want (!) and who acts as a mirror, showing me sides of myself that I hadn’t fully seen before; nature, especially Kenworthy Woods and the River Mersey near my home; shamanic practices of indigenous people whose traditions I’m grateful to have learnt from to enable me to connect to my inner world at depth and to the energies around me; the coaches who witnessed, taught, guided and championed me into being fully me.

Personally I’ve worked with numerous coaches worldwide, therapists, hypnotherapists, constellation facilitators, body workers, shamans and meditation guides. I’m always learning, growing and integrating. And of course there is a library of thought leaders and teachers whose books have greatly influenced my work. Email me for my bibliography or a book recommendation if you have a particular topic you want to explore.

Mindful coaching isn’t a magic wand but it’s a way to navigate and enjoy this one precious life with personal power, compassion and joyful gratitude. I’m deeply grateful I’ve found it and beyond happy to share it.

My professional work focuses on showing people how to live and work mindfully. If you are curious about opening up to your own power and purpose, if you want to contribute more to the world and to experience a richer fuller life, then I’d be happy to talk with you.

What People Say

I’m truly grateful I found Angela. She is top-notch and 100% dedicated to truly allowing you to meet yourself, and in turn, your goals.

F. D. Client

As a coach Angela is very joyful – she’s imaginative and allows you to think big, but she’s also grounded and focused and realistic about how to make those goals happen.

K. W. Client

Angela’s supportive, intuitive, honest and insightful coach. Her sessions are focussed on her clients needs and she’s a warm and open person who will put you at ease whilst exploring sometimes very personal territory.

C. O’D. Client

Let’s create something together.