The boardrooms remain empty

When your workforce have to shift their way of working to home based, deal with rapid changes to the market place plus their own personal and family health concerns, there is a lot for people to process and respond to.

Mental and emotional health are critical to stay afloat in the short term. Calm and creativity may feel out of reach but they are crucial to respond effectively to the challenges created by such mass changes in consumer behavior. Agile working and innovation have been buzz words for sometime and now we are thrown into a world that demands these qualities of us.

Mindful Coaching offers tools to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • increase resilience
  • address concerns with perspective
  • process difficult emotions
  • overcome adversity
  • reflect on what opportunity this period is offering
  • access greater personal creativity and inner strength
  • connect teams online
  • coach individuals into growth through challenge

Mindful Coaching has taken the following sessions online:

Team Mindfulness – 25 minute group mindfulness sessions on zoom. A short mindset lesson followed by a practice of mindful breathing in a guided meditation. Breathing techniques and mindset teachings for entire workforce. Create online community experience while working remotely.

1:1 Mindful Coaching – individual online session to apply the lens of mindfulness to personal current challenges. Address anxieties, cultivate calm and access focus and creativity at this time.

Mindful Time – group workshop to apply mindful principles to time management when working remotely. Participants will learn how to delineate between work and personal life, focus priorities, stay healthful, implement emotional wellbeing techniques. Mindful time is one of the signature workshops, all of which can now be delivered online.

Sessions are by zoom or an internal platform if you have one. Explore prices and availability here.

Mindful Resources

This is a challenging time for all. To use mindfulness to reduce stress and calm the nervous system, there are a few easy breathing techniques you can try for free. You can also learn mindful breathing with your kids. Angela and her daughter Mary created these videos and it’s beautiful to see how they both switch from guide to participant in the videos. Anxiety has become a concern for many and there are some ways to deal with and reframe your concerns in this piece.

Your guide, Angela Davenport is a personal and professional development coach and mindfulness teacher. Meditations in the business context are non religious, non spiritual practices. Read more about Angela and her work here.