Ready to practice? Carve out the time and quiet to do so. Have your journal near by.

This audio is a recording of a morning session from the 7 O’clock club. You can use it any time of day to reset, connect to self. It’s 15 minutes of mindfulness and 10 minutes of journaling enquiry.

Sit with me

The breath is a gift and one that keeps giving! I never regret taking time to sit and breathe, it calms me, grounds me, restores me, renews me. So I invite you to sit with me and breathe, that’s it. The cycle of the breath is the same cycle of all life. We start with … Continue reading Sit with me

Sleep Well

If you are reading this, then it’s likely that your sleep isn’t great. Maybe you are lying awake for a long time before sleep happens or waking up randomly and struggling to get back to sleep. Lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling unrested but it can also impair your immunity as the body … Continue reading Sleep Well

What I see in COVID-19

Plans you’ve been working on for a long time may be crumbling around you, fears may be rising up about loved ones and livehoods. It’s natural. And yet it’s not the only thing happening. What we pay attention to grows so here are a handful of things that I am noticing. What do you see … Continue reading What I see in COVID-19


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