Be it in work, health, relationships or life in general, you’re ready for something new.

If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? If you could have something new, what would make the biggest difference to your happiness? Coaching is about visualising a desired way of living and carving a path to get there. It’s rarely a straight line – more like a winding river than a road – and like all great journeys the transformation happens along the way, not in simply reaching the destination.

“Angela’s approach is nuanced, deep, supportive, and culminated in paradigm shifts I never thought I could reach. To say that she exceeded my expectations is a gross understatement. she’s phenomenal and you’ll find that, in working with her, you are too.”

Francesca Davis Life Coaching Client


Often we work in jobs and lead lives that on the outside might look great but inside, can feel lacking. The pace and pressure of modern life can be overwhelming.

There is another way. 

Playing to our strengths, whilst experiencing deep connection and satisfaction in daily life, is possible. Whether or not you have a clear vision for the change you want, what you know for sure is that you want to create a shift in your life. You know another way is possible for you – even if you don’t quite know how to “get there”, yet. 

I quickly saw the benefits of my sessions with Angela as she helped me to assess what was important to me, not just in my career, but in my life. And she gave me the belief that I could make the changes necessary to get to where I wanted to be. The changes came quite drastically. A career opportunity presented itself to me and Angela’s support and guidance helped me to take it with both hands. She helped me to channel stress in the right way, worked on coping strategies to ward off procrastination and set me daily targets to keep me focussed and make the best use of my time. Without Angela, I am absolutely positive that right now I’d have another hard luck story instead of my dream job as a scriptwriter.

Cardy O’Donnell Mindful Coaching Client

Coaching is a space for you to find your own answers and have a skilled guide along side you as you navigate your way. Book a consultation to explore what this could mean for you.