Mindful Meditations

A key cause of stress is our thinking. We are often caught up in thoughts of the future and what may happen, or thoughts of the past and what did or didn’t happen. The way out of the stress loop is into the present, to the current reality and the wisdom available when we are calm and centred.

Mindful practices offer us a chance to drop out of the busy-ness of thought, to calm the body and the nervous system and connect to a deeper place in our being.

Using the breath to focus, we centre our attention in the body. We become centred.

Download meditations below

Simple mindful breathing practice

Learn to losen the grip of thought and drop into the body through your breath
6 minute mindful breathing practice

Energy clearing practice

Using the breath to move stuck energy and create a flow in your being
20 minutue energy clearing practice

Inner guidance practice

A meditation to connect you with your inner voice and hear the guidance from within.
20 minute inner guidance practice

Connect to your place in nature meditation

A guided meditation to connect you with a favourite spot in the natural world. It’s recommended to do the breathing technique first before dropping in.
Connect to your place in nature

Future self visualisation

A guided visualisation to connect you with a vision for your life.
Your happy most-fulfilling life.

Want to explore how mindfulness could enhance wellbeing for you or your team?

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