Release, re-programme, re-focus

A mindfulness and coaching journey that guides you in releasing the stuckness, stresses and unhelpful patterns and start gaining momentum in the areas of life you want to change be that career, relationships, emotional contentment. 10 sessions taken over 3-8 months depending on what you are ready for. Sessions are taken weekly at first as you dive in deep and then begin to spread them out as you embed the practices and make change for the long term. Deep change on the inside, new ways to see the world and enjoy your place in it. Learn mindful living skills to understand and manage your emotions. Learn mindful planning techniques to manage your time and priorities. PSYCH-K to transform limiting beliefs Bespoke guided visualisations and meditations. Support via email and voice notes in between sessions. Lots of learning, love, soul and wisdom from and for us both as you embark on the journey.


One-off session

One 60 minute mindful coaching session. Great for focused working on a particular topic or action you want to take. Great for former clients to reconnect with their focus and/or go deeper into the process. Great if you want to try the process – and if you sign up for a coaching journey after a one off session, you’ll get the price of this session taken off the block of 10.


Please select your package then you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar. If you have a questions contact

Welcome to mindful coaching

I needed support, insight, and a psychological toolset. The help I got from Angela certainly delivered. Her approach is nuanced, deep, supportive, and culminated in paradigm shifts I never thought I could reach.

Francesca Davis