1 SELF CARE WORKSHOP 1 PERSONAL GOAL WORKSHOP LIVE MORNING SESSIONS: Mindfulness and journaling practice that grounds and expands you. RECORDED EVENING SESSIONS: Build confidence in yourself, refine and plan for tomorrow. NIGHT TIME AUDIOS: With everything tended to, fully prepare yourself for deep rest. ACCESS IS FOR 31 DAYS FROM SIGN UP


The meditation has me starting my day feeling really positive about what’s to come, I enjoy waking up and reconnecting with my mind and my energy. The evening sessions really got me to look at the way I was spending my time in the evenings and having more purpose. The club has got me into a really great place spiritually, I’m excited to feel that continue and open to seeing where it goes. It’s lovely to be able to focus each morning on what is within my control for the balance 🙂 


Looking for deeper support? Got something you want to really focus on? A creative project maybe, or an area of your life like communication with loved ones. Or both! So often these things are inter-related as our lives are an eco system.

One to one coaching works really well alongside the club sessions. Angela offers a limited number of free consultations every month – email angela@angeladavenport.com to register your interest.

I wouldn’t have started my podcast if it wasn’t for Angela – the mindset I had cultivated under her guidance meant that as soon as I decided I was doing it, I set it up so quickly and effortlessly that I still surprise myself now even thinking about it. I am now closer to dreams I never thought were possible or dared to even speak.

R. R. One to one coachee and club member