Wellbeing Residency

“individuals who are ‘always on’ are usually more engaged at work, but are also more likely to experience stress or mental exhaustion.”

Myers Briggs study sited in Deloitte Mental health and employers report Jan 2020

In 2019 burnout became recognised by the World Health Organisation as a cause of ill health. Even in environments that are friendly and even fun, the modern way of working can cause stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

Are you ready to grow from a nice place to work to a great place to work? When mental and emotional wellbeing are part of the fabric of your organisation you reduce stress and anxiety and unleash a new level of workflow.

Employers gain an average return of £5 for every £1 spent on mental health, up from the £4 to £1 return identified in 2017.

Deloitte Mental health and employers report Jan 2020

Wellbeing Residency

  • create a person-centred workplace
  • take care of your talent
  • empower leadership within individuals
  • create cohesive teams
  • increase innovation and creativity
  • increase engagement and loyalty
  • improve stress management
  • reduce presenteeism
  • reduce absence through stress related illness
  • increase productivity

The wellbeing residency embeds the support, tools and insight of coaching and mindfulness into the culture of your workplace through fortnightly residency days. On the residency day, a professional coach and mindfulness practitioner becomes part of your workplace with guided mindfulness sessions, workshops, coaching open surgery or scheduled 1:1 sessions. The exact schedule is designed to the needs of the workplace and includes group and individual sessions. People will learn and, or gain:

  • mindfulness tools they can use throughout their lives
  • emotional wellbeing
  • connection with colleagues
  • how to set and maintain boundaries
  • identify priorities
  • improve focus
  • connection to inner voice and wisdom
  • resillience and how to maintain it
  • how to switch off fully and get the most from rest
  • how to manage their energy
  • how to achieve personal goals
  • how to achieve work goals
  • reflection and self awareness
  • tools to combat critical inner voice
  • growth mindset
  • listening skills

Mindfulness slows down the nervous system and gives us access to calmer and more creative thinking. It gives us perspective. It reduces stress and anxiety and through the new perspective people begin to see other choices rather than following old patterns.

Mindful coaching meets the individual where they are with compassion and curiosity. It validates your experience and invites you to become aware of what is at play in your behaviours. With permission, the coaching process then helps you identify new goals and equips you to navigate your way to them.

Having regular, consistent support is the difference between short-lived inspiration and change taking root and thriving for the long term.

The challenge of wellbeing at work is real, costly and complex. Having wellbeing become part of the fabric of your organisation takes consistency. Residency days are a powerful way to create a culture of wellbeing by allowing a trusted professional to become part of the rhythm of your business. Your people and your business will thrive and the ripple effects will reach further than you can imagine.

Angela Davenport is a coach and mindfulness teacher. She worked in the agency world for over a decade producing films and communications for the live events industry.

She now works to help others see their unique potential and cultivate it within the working world. Being the bridge between the esoteric and the corporate worlds she offers practices and guidance to allow us to bring more of ourselves to our workplaces through mindfulness and coaching. Read more about Angela.

Angela creates a safe and encouraging environment where you dare to voice your wildest dreams! I’ve definitely been jumping out of my comfort zone at work, which has been exciting and rewarding. Angela is very focused and determined to get the best outcome for you, yet allows you and encourages you to be truly creative.

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