Wellbeing at work creates a ripple effect through the organisation and people’s lives.

The working day is usually full on busy with tasks spilling over into the next day and week. When a project finishes there is little time to reflect and fully harvest the learnings and the joys of completion.

Taking time away from the day to day to reflect, learn new skills and rejuvenate creates connection between colleagues and creates renewed engagement within the organisation. The new skills learnt will have impact across individual’s and team life. How would you like to create experiences that impact people’s lives for the better and for the long term?

These workshops are available to be delivered at your workplace, part of a conference or an away day. They range from 60 minutes to half a day and can be tailored to your organisation.

Mindfulness Programme. Explore the core aspects of mindfulness through mini lessons and a guided practice. Weave mindfulness into your tool kit as a team. Enjoy the benefits throughout your life.

Mindful Project Debrief. Doing the project post-mortem differently. Mindfully exploring the project and identifying emotional pinch points (work triggers us into stress, frustration, excitement, in different ways both positive and negative) you and the team will gain valuable insights about how you work as individuals and an organisation. You’ll uncover trip hazards that have been silently depleting people or resources. You’ll deepen learnings, identify ways to improve support structures and understand why people act as they do.

Active Listening. The most valuable skill of any leader is the capacity to hear what is being said to such depth that it better informs the person speaking it as well as the person listening. Listening at this level empowers and validates the speaker, they hear themselves with new perspective which leads to new choices. In this workshop you will learn a new skill or add mastery to your current depth of listening. With new levels of curiosity you’ll hear and learn much more and improve your relationships.

Mindful Time. Learn how to overcome the constant rush and feeling of playing catch up in life. Through mindful practices you’ll learn how to really prioritise what matters, set and hold boundaries, embed clear a process to release work each evening so that you can truly rest. Life is a cycle and so is our work day, when we understand this life and work can flow with more ease, less effort and more space to enjoy the moment.

Resilience. People often see resilience in those who can keep going under stress. However the true definition is about how far you are capable of stretching when you are at rest. Your resilience is your potential to respond to challenge. This workshop explores how you create maximum resilience so that you are fully equipped to meet the challenges that arise with curiosity and creativity and then act with confidence. This paradigm shift is about remaining calm and curious, not about bouncing back after running on empty.

Inner Critic. From the moment we wake up there are thoughts running in our heads, when do they even start? At times the voice that we hear is critical – we all have it. It’s the way you internalised the messages of well-intentioned adults who tried to teach you to stay safe in the world. The legacy those lessons left can be beliefs that hold us back, beliefs such as: it’s not ok to mess up; it’s not ok to confront others even if there’s an issue; it’s not ok to put your needs first; it’s not ok to be wrong… Everyone has their unique version of what they were taught is ok in the world and in this workshop we explore what yours say to you. We look at ways to be compassionate to that voice and meet it with awareness and then choose new beliefs that are aligned with who we are today and what we want for ourselves and the world. It can even be fun!

Overcoming Adversity. Work and life is full of challenge and set backs, from loss of a loved one, end of a relationship to losing a client or a project going awry. How we respond to adversity is key. When we are unprepared, and/or not supported by people who know how to meet challenge, people can use coping mechanisms to numb out and the adversity can erode confidence and wellbeing. This workshop helps to normalise that we all will face challenges and sets about equipping us with some tools and key knowledge for when that happens. When we can meet the process, we grow as people and emerge stronger and wiser. Invaluable learnings for life that will enhance the people who are your workplace and equip them to deal with life’s set backs.

Working and Parenting or Caring. When we are young and (relatively) care free, it’s somewhat easier to work and enjoy your personal life at the same time. However as life changes whether from choosing to become a parent or due to ageing family members who need them, many people find themselves responsible for other people’s wellbeing alongside their own and a busy job. It’s easy to lose oneself in the process and there is a real danger of burnout. This workshop explores how to weave in self care, create priorities, meet needs, and create flow so that they can enjoy this period of life with greater ease, joy and wellbeing.

Prices start at £250 for a Mindful Coaching Workshop