New year is an exciting time of possibility and often we rush in with wish lists, overestimating what we can do all at once and underestimating what we can do over the whole year.

To achieve everything you want in 2020 is actually simple – and it may even be easy. Two things are key

  • End 2019 powerfully
  • Create a vision for 2020 as a whole year

This FREE two part workshop gives you everything you need to harvest all the good stuff of 2019 (reflect and refine) and then enter next year with strong foundations. Part two then creates your 2020 vision and a game plan that won’t mean you drop the resolutions by Feb but is measured, joyful and achievable.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional

Our life is lived in the moments that fill each day, the days fill the weeks and then the months and then the year. We build our lives year by year. Ending 2019 powerfully means you create firm foundations on which to keep building your life. What do you want 2020 to be filled with? Your life will change over the next 12 months – that’s inevitable. What’s not inevitable is how you will grow from the previous 12 months and what conscious choices you make about the year to come.

Resolutions based on hopes and wishes don’t work. It’s a nourishing and strengthening process to review the year. You’ll learn a lot, realise some things and feel clearer about what you want.

Plans based on wholehearted goals and nurtured by small steps and support do work. They take time to cultivate and allow you to transition to a life you truly want with results that are satisfying and healthful. What will your 2020 vision be?

It’s completely free to join and no email required!

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