Welcome to a different way of living, working, and relating.


Mindful Coaching is about slowing down and living with greater awareness, attention and aligned action. It’s about prioritising what is truly important in life. It’s about moving with the rhythm of the day not the rush of the world we have created. It’s about letting go of control whilst creating greater impact. It’s about greater connection to self and others.

WFH has lead to even greater need to be mindful in how we manage our routines. Now more than ever we need to take care of our mental wellbeing.

What could mindful calm do for you?

The constant pressure to do/be/have more/better has created a culture of striving and stress that can lead to overwork and overwhelm and take us away from who we really are.

Living this way isn’t joyful, healthful or sustainable. There has to be more to life, right? There has to be a way to live more fully and enjoy the life you want. There is.

Welcome to mindful living, working and thriving. Welcome to mindful coaching.

Discussing mindfulness for fan on Sky Sports

Mindfulness can be applied to bring joy and ease to all areas of our life – no matter how stressful. When Sky Sports News wanted someone to talk about how fans can be mindful when the stress of winning or losing gets intense they reached out to me. This was 2018/19 season when Liverpool had been close to winning the league but were likely to be overtaken on the last day of the season by Man City. As a native of Liverpool and resident of Manchester it was my job to (fairly) reflect what the managers had been saying in ways that both fans could apply.

“The process is a much more creative and nurturing approach to coaching than I’ve experienced before. I feel it brings out the best in me – and it’s allowing me to believe in myself in a brand new and exciting way.”

KH Mindful Coaching Client

The hustle of life (including football!) can have its rewards but it can also restrict and deplete us. Mindful coaching focuses on what’s truly important to you. It connects you to what it means to be human and enables you to create fulfilling experiences that nourish you and those around you. You gain clarity on where you are headed and confidence in the steps you need to take.

“It’s allowing me to believe in myself in a brand new and exciting way. I’ve had some coaching at work, which I found useful, but a little dry. As a coach Angela is very joyful.  I do feel like anything is possible with Angela – she’s imaginative and allows you to think big, but she’s also grounded and focused and realistic about how to make those goals happen.”

K. W. Mindful Coaching Client

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