Self empowered, healthful people make business and life thrive.

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COVID-19 has changed where and sometimes how we are working, but it hasn’t changed what we need to thrive at work.

Now, more than ever, connection, clear vision and psychological safety are key to ensuring our people’s wellbeing and in turn their collaboration and contribution to the current challenges.

A cohesive workplace of talented teams is about people thriving. At their best people are naturally resilient, motivated and creative, they make good choices, ask for support, learn from mistakes and are collaborative. When people feel valued and vibrant, they can move mountains.

You are here because you care about your own wellbeing and that of those around you. Maybe you’ve noticed people are showing up differently, more real perhaps, and it’s time to do things a little differently. So how do you make work as healthful and engaging as possible? When wellbeing practices such as coaching and mindfulness become part of the rhythm of your workplace, you have tools to help your people and business thrive.

“As someone who was prepared not to get anything out of it and a bit of a cynic, I was blown away by the impact Angela’s workshop had on me. It was very valuable and thought provoking. I think the session was perfect for our needs, it was an excellent way to round up the two days. I really hope Angela will work with us in the future.“

Karen Verrill, Operations Manager, attendee at a group conference workshop

With a sixth of workers experiencing a mental health problem at any one time and stress, anxiety and depression thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain due to health issues, the relationship between mental health and the workplace is a complex one. – Deloitte Mental Health and Employers report Jan 2020. (link in footer)

Poor mental health now costs UK workplaces £45 bn a year through, staff turnover, absence from work and presenteeism, when staff are physically present but unable to fully perform their role.

You want your team to be focused on what is important, free to be themselves and able to discuss things openly. You want your team to thrive because you know that’s how business thrives.

So how do you incorporate wellbeing into the workplace as well as doing the day to day business of the job?

Most likely you’ve already taken some steps to improve wellbeing and create a collaborative culture, and yet it’s likely that people still struggle at times (you included) with frustrations, overwhelm, anxiety and maintaining energy and focus when life gets busy. Employers aren’t personally responsible for everyone’s health and wellbeing but leaders can help to cultivate healthy culture and practices within the workplace. Each workplace is unique and yet what is true for modern workplaces is that the demands are ever increasing. Clients and customers are constantly evolving and businesses have to respond quickly and innovatively. When people are resilient, engaged and empowered it allows them to meet the needs of the business. It’s a great feeling to enjoy the cohesion and creativity that emerges when your people are at their best.

I feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground in a day and all of it valuable. The mix of emotional and pragmatic work  – it was a very holistic experience. Angela kept the focus on the task and there was clarity of what we were doing. Angela’s empathic ability to hold space in a secure way helped me to express my deeper desires and fears. The meditations helped to keep me grounded and connected to my body and breath. This is something I find hard to do and I see the value of a more regular practice.

K. H. Entrepreneur Workshop Particpant

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* Source: Deloitte 2020 Update Report into work place mental health