When you are stuck

Is there a part of your life that you hate or “just wish was different”. Maybe you work on it / try to change it / “fix” it but nothing ultimately seems to work. When “the thing” stays the same you can feel helpless and maybe feel like a victim for having this happen to you. 

Ugh. It feels crappy and I totally get it but it doesn’t have to. It can change – even if you have no control over the situation you can still move forwards.

Here’s the truth, when you accept where you are, you get to where you want faster.

Accepting what is feels like an odd choice to speed up the change but it really is the way. It’s a paradox. When you accept how it is rather than staying stuck there, you are freed.

What would you rather wasn’t true in your life? What are you resisting accepting?

The resistance gives it more hold over you. By not accepting fully we stay in it longer. So, shine a light on it and look at it. Feel what needs to be felt, those unexpressed emotions can cause havoc so give them a safe place to be heard. Be kind to it, be kind to yourself, anyone involved. Compassion is key here, to yourself and what you need to feel and possibly forgive. 

Nothing is entirely good or bad. Be as honest as you can about how things are and the benefits and disadvantages of it. Sometimes we realise that the “stuckness” feels like safety. Sometimes we see that we’re holding on to being “right” about something and that when we drop the blame we get to move on. Sometimes we realise that we simply thought it “had to” be this way because it’s what we’ve seen before – maybe now it’s time to write new rules. Whatever is at play, fully accepting all the layers of it and then getting really, really grateful for what you do have and really clear on what you do want will open the doors to forward movement. 

Once you can accept how it is, cultivate gratitude for what is and stay focussed on what you want, then things can actually change incredibly quickly.

If there’s something you can’t shift, feel free to email me a question, I also have places open for 1:1 clients.

With love, Angela

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